Question: How many gods are there in the Known Lands?

Answer: There is but one God.

Question: How many religions are worhipped or followed in the Known Lands?

Answer: There are many, many religions.

There are many religions in the Known Lands, but only one God. This is simply because Religion in the Known Lands is a complex tapestry of beliefs and practices. All Religions in the Known Lands profess that they are the true way to attain Spirituality. Spirituality here is defined as a personal relationship with God. But few, if any, can actually help a person attain Spirituality. As a result, you get arguments and religious wars in the Known Lands. War is fought between the faithful and the infidel.

In the Known Lands, religions range from the Polytheistic to the Monotheistic, to religions built around a philosophy to attaining Spirituality. The Religions of the Known Lands include:

Animism, which is the worship of Spirits. This is practiced through Shamanism or as another example, Shinto.

Polytheism and Idolatry which is expressed through Oerthism and Olympic pagan worship. Polytheism is mostly practiced underground. There is even a spark of Ancientatry, or the worship of the Ancients.

Monotheism in the Known Lands is expressed through Christianity, which is in the minority; and the worship of the Holy Light; which is the major monotheistic religion. Not to forget the Voice in the Night.

Finally there are religions built around a philosophy. These philosophic religions include the Path of Light, and the Path of Inspiration. And then there are demon cults and other terrible things.


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